Published: 18/04/2002, Volume II2, No. 5801 Page 4

Nearly a third of Treasury targets for the NHS, set in 1998 to link new money to modernisation, have not been met, but progress has been very good, according to an analysis carried out by the King's Fund.

Of 35 targets set out in public service agreements, and analysed for the Financial Times, only 22 had been met or were on course to be hit.

However, King's Fund health systems programme director John Appleby said the NHS was not badly adrift on the 11 targets it had missed.

He told HSJ: 'When you actually look at some of the ones they have missed, it is sometimes by a few per cent or a few hundred people.'

However, he said it was unclear how the target on efficiency gains, normally around 2 per cent per year, was measured, and that it appeared 'they topslice the efficiency money [from the NHS settlement] before they hand it out to the NHS'.