I was once a therapist, when a£25 training allowance per person per year meant that a course of over£100 was a luxury to be treasured. I now find myself in a development role, in which I have been privileged to go on a couple of more expensive (£299 plus VAT) one day conferences - the sort regularly advertised on fliers in HSJ.

At these events I have been shocked to find a large number of delegates leave before the end of the conference to 'catch trains home'. I have found this to be common practice on several occasions.

Surely if the public purse has paid£299 plus VAT for your place, there must be some sense of obligation to attend the whole event, even if it means planning for a late night? Otherwise I ask you to think about giving your place (or the budget) to someone who would really appreciate it.

Jo Manley Hounslow