Published: 10/03/2005, Volume II5, No. 5946 Page 20

Peter Cardy, chief executive, Macmillan Cancer Relief Cancer is expensive and financial concerns are the second biggest cause of stress for people with cancer. Cancer patients are missing out on benefits to which they should be entitled and are struggling to make ends meet.

What is more, Macmillan Cancer Relief knows from research that many health and social care professionals recognise that patients need benefits advice, but have limited knowledge about the benefits system and find it difficult to get reliable advice and support.

We are campaigning to get a better deal for people dealing with cancer.

We would urge readers to pass on details of our free Better Deal campaign line, 0800-500 800, to patients and carers suffering financial hardship as a result of cancer to get a free benefits guide.

This guide can also be ordered from the Better Deal website at www. macmillan. org. uk/abetterdeal