Primary care organisations are not expecting any significant disruption to GP services next week or in the near future, despite calls for GPs to take action on 1 May and recent campaigning by the British Medical Association to cut GP workload.

Although primary care groups and trusts contacted by HSJ were aware of the calls for GPs to coordinate action to disrupt patient services on 1 May, none of them was expecting a significant impact locally.

The call for nationwide action, led by a free newspaper for GPs, came in the middle of a BMA ballot of all family doctors to ask if they would be prepared to resign from the NHS if a new contract was not agreed in the next year.

Hartlepool PCT chief executive Graeme Oram said his board had discussed the situation briefly, but did not expect services to be affected.

'We have rung round all 15 practices in the town and they recognise what is going on nationally, but they are not planning to do anything militant on 1 May. '

Simon Arden-Davis, chief executive of Ashton PCG, Wigan, said that, although the area had a significant problem with a low number of GPs, he was 'not aware of any GPs who are planning anything'.

A spokesperson for Redbridge and Waltham Forest health authority, where there have been calls for action, said 'local GP services will be uninterrupted and will be providing a normal service'.