Published: 11/08/2005, Volume II5, No. 5967 Page 16

PCT manager (name and address withheld) The PCT Reconfiguration Blues

First we had fundholding run by entrepreneur GPs Then we bought them in so closely to join PCGs Then we topped them with a board of some nobodies Now they're individually choosing all those patient services Chorus: We got the reconfiguration blues Can't figure out why, I wish they'd explain Can't figure out how and I find it a pain Just got that déjà vu feeling all over again With my reconfiguration blues First the community nurses worked for a hospital trust Then we bought them in so closely; to join us was a must Soon they'll turn to Rentokil or Boots for their crust And joined-up working, you will not see it for dust Chorus First we came together, took a broad view, county wide Then we moved in more closely, locally focused with pride But small's no longer beautiful, we must take it in our stride And our local partners think We have taken them for a ride Chorus First we made decisions based on the whole community, Then we targeted the health gaps caused by home grown poverty We'd work closely with partners from our local society But what tools will we have to end inequality I got those reconfiguration blues These shake-ups they come nearer And they fail to make it clearer But we know It is someone's career To bring those reconfiguration blues