Further to your news story, 'Failed software fiasco costs hospital £64,000', (page 6, 15 April), the original contract between ICS Medical and Leicester Royal Infirmary trust was struck by sales and technical personnel who left the company shortly afterwards to join a competitor organisation.

In a number of cases, arrangements created difficulties for the hospitals and for those seeking to deliver the contracts.

ICS Sales, a separate though related company under my management, took responsibility for meeting the arrangements. In most cases it has succeeded in creating effective and productive solutions. Unfortunately in Leicester, with the departure of local personnel, the original aims of the project were clouded.

The action taken there to draw circumstances to the attention of the board, and how the matter is dealt with in the trust's accounts, are a matter for them. But ICS Sales does have development resources which have been placed at the disposal of other ICS Medical clients, and which have led to successful conclusions.

ICS Sales is continuing discussions with the information technology staff at Leicester with a view to repeating the satisfactory outcome achieved elsewhere.

Kim Shoard


ICS Sales