I have just returned from the Institute of Healthcare Management Welsh conference (news, page 5, 28 October). We were given free copies of HSJ , complete with Rosey Foster's letter (21 October) telling us how the IHM looks forward 'to working with HSJ in speaking up and speaking out for all managers in the healthcare sectors'.

I strongly support this statement, as HSJ is so much better at reporting all of the UK than the IHM's journal, which seems to think that what happens in England must apply to us all.

But when I opened my post, the first letter was from HSJ telling me the new IHM no longer supports the 10 per cent discount on subscriptions to the magazine given to members.

While HSJ is very kindly funding this discount for another year, could we have a rethink from the IHM - unless it plans to radically improve its own 'journal'? (Even then it couldn't come close to HSJ 's coverage).

Clare Jenkins New town Powys