Plymouth is one of the most deprived local authorities - ranking 338 out of 366 on the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions' index of local conditions.

It includes the most deprived ward - St Peters - in England and Wales.

Its 260,000 population has remained constant for 20 years, while the city's docklands industry has lost 30,000 jobs.

Unemployment tops 19.7 per cent in some parts of the city.

Prescribing levels for anti-depressants are twice as high as in the rest of South and West Devon.

Summary of first-year project bids

Collection of data and analysis and generation of community involvement for city health action plan.

Needs assessment and evaluation project - co-ordinating research, developing IT and performance indicator monitoring.

Community development - consultation with local groups, and programmes to train staff at local level.

Social exclusion - targets to reduce inequalities, setting up data collection, proposals to improve the health of homeless people, and joint approaches with the Benefits Agency on support for vulnerable people.

Community consultation on options for healthy living centres, a public health action centre, and developing environmental proposals.

Supporting development of a primary care group into a primary care trust, piloting the use of smart cards.

Older people - agreeing targets for reducing health inequalities and root causes of ill-health, piloting night-hours support scheme for frail elderly people.

Children and young people - needs assessment, development of parenting and healthy schools programmes, low-cost fitness facilities.

Mental health - pilot programmes to strengthen links between primary care and other agencies, shared information, joint work with employment zone on training and employment programmes.

Substance misuse - targets, development of integrated plan for young people.

Dental health - public consultation on fluoridation, health promotion for healthy food, improving accessibility to dentists.

Learning disabilities - piloting integrated scheme of joint commissioning of mainstream services after the current review is complete.