END GAME: Pots of pathology gold

End Game enjoys a dismal hospital passageway as much as anyone else but we were especially delighted on a recent trip to Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital.

The corridor in question leads to the hospital’s necessarily unglamourous and utilitarian pathology department an is brightened up by an incongruously uplifting image.

The floor to ceiling mural stretches ten feet wide and features an idyllic meadow with rabbits frollicing around a pot of gold at the end of an inaccurately-coloured rainbow. Dolphins cavort in a paddling pool, playfully bouncing a heart-shaped balloon with their snouts.

“Is that a Better Care Fund explanation mural?” wondered HSJ fan Your Humble Servant on Twitter.

Nope! While the painting would make a cheery addition to any acute facility, we learned that the hospital served as a set for the decade old Channel 4 sitcom Green Wing.

The corridor stood in for the fictional hospital’s children’s department, and, proud of its association with eccentric and quite rude TV comedy, hospital bosses never had it painted over.

Long may it continue to tickle the hearts of all those trudging off to pathology with a vial of their own urine.