Published: 02/12/2004, Volume II4, No. 5934 Page 39

He was the inspiration behind Casualty's Charlie, and has made a second career as a medical adviser on drama (as we reported last week), but senior nurse Pete Salt still finds time to pursue his other passions. He tells HSJ what makes him tick: 'Until last year I worked full-time in accident and emergency, and I must admit that when I cut my hours I took stock and realised there is life beyond the A&E department. You need time off. Now I work part-time as an emergency nurse practitioner and spend alot of time working for the BBC. If I've got scripts to read I'll set aside a day and think of that as work.

'Aside from that, I really like collecting antiques. I bought a cottage in Cornwall four years ago, and it really fuelled my passions - a perfect excuse to buy stuff at auctions. The trouble is I do not have any willpower and can't bear to sell anything.

'I've been to Romania about eight times to do training in hospitals and take out supplies - mainly equipment with damaged packaging that has been rejected by the NHS.

'I've bought loads of marble sculpture back from there. A few years ago I went to an artist's studio and bought two beautiful abstract figures.

Three years later I managed to go back and discovered he hadn't sold anything since I would last been. People just do not have the spare cash.