2 July 1948

With the disappearance of the Poor Law and the inauguration of the new national service, we stand in the dawn of a new era - which is rightly hailed by all sections of opinion as a broad and

comprehensive advance in modern social welfare. But while recognising the greatness of the

opportunities presented by the new system, and wishing it all success, we must spare a thought for the vastness of the part played in the national life for three-and-a-half centuries by the old...

The new services have to assume a great responsibility, but they are taking over valuable assets from the ancient service in the shape of high standards of skill and experience which rule among its officers. Everyone will hope the new administrators will make a good start on the great work which they are now about to begin.

With this issue, volume LVII of the Public Assistance Journal comes to an end. Next week the Journal will appear in a form suitably adapted to meet the requirements of the new services which commence on 5 July.