US-based AvantGo is launching its Enterprise Interactive software to support mobile computing users in the UK.

The package allows users of handheld devices running the Palm OS or Windows CE operating systems to obtain access to networked applications and web content, either in real time over a wireless link, or by synchronisation with a PC.

It automatically consolidates, compresses, transfers and reformats the data at both client and server end.

The software enables mobile medical staff to see up-to-date details on their patients without carrying paper files, says AvantGo.

It is installed at several US sites, notably Massachusetts General Hospital, where clinicians carry handheld computers with wireless links at all times.

Each hospital floor has a limited number of PCs, but each clinician can use the handheld version to consult patient data held on the PCs without having to log on. Neurologists at the same hospital have built a dynamic electronic medical textbook system, with the same product running on Palm hand-held computers.