The lack of health legislation in the Queen's Speech has sparked calls for the government to set out its vision for the NHS.

There was a noticeable absence of new health proposals in Tuesday's speech as the announcement of a new super-regulator for health and social care had already been made by prime minister Gordon Brown in July. The speech also outlined the need to organise health around patients and meet rising aspirations.

While some welcomed a move from 'knee-jerk' policies, others wanted to know what the future holds before junior health minister Lord Darzi publishes the second part of his review in 2008. Managers in Partnership chief executive Jon Restell said: 'People are beginning to question what the wider vision for the health service is.'

Shadow health secretary Andrew Lansley said the proposals did not set out a 'coherent vision'.

However, Institute for Public Policy Research fellow Joe Farrington-Douglas said he hoped that the speech marked an end to decisions about the NHS being made 'on the hoof to catch headlines'.