Published: 07/10/2004, Volume II4, No. 5926 Page 23

Working Below the Surface: the emotional life of contemporary organisations

Publisher: Karnac. ISBN. 1855752948.£18.99

Leaders and managers could improve the way they tackle demanding tasks such as managing change and handling conflict by learning more about emotions in the workplace, according to the latest in the Tavistock Clinic Series.

Working Below the Surface argues that understanding the emotions of individual staff and groups in the context of the organisation can open up new perspectives on its practices and needs.

Based on the work of the Tavistock Clinic psychotherapy centre, the book argues that managers must recognise the potential of the emotions of, and dynamics between, staff, rather than viewing them as a disturbance or an irrelevance.

'This makes it possible to tackle conflict, stress and dysfunction head-on and get more quickly to the roots of organisations'dilemmas and the challenges of creativity in individuals, groups and organisations, ' says Clare Huffington, Tavistock Consultancy Service director and one of the book's contributors and editors.

Using case studies from a wide variety of organisations, the book applies this approach to topics such as leadership styles, managing organisational change and resolving workplace conflicts.