Published: 30/09/2004, Volume II4, No. 5925 Page 35

The Good Appraisal Toolkit for Primary Care By Ruth Chambers, Abdol Tavabie, Kay Mohanna and Gill Wakley

Appraisal should be a process of constructive dialogue in which the person being appraised has a formal, structured opportunity to reflect on his or her work and to consider how their effectiveness might be improved. This book covers topics such as developing communication skills, linking appraisals with job planning and assessing the success of the process.

The Situational Mentor By David Clutterbuck and Gill Lane

This brings together contributions from leading international academics and practitioners. It spans the latest development theory as well as best-practice applications without being dominated by North American, European or Australian views.

The book defines the key skills involved in mentoring but also explores how these may be tailored to ensure there is always a successful outcome.