The discharge liaison nurse:

phones the porters with the names of patients to be transferred from wards; ensures that ambulance and pharmacy have a list of all patients transferred to the lounge; books in patients when they arrive in the lounge. Case notes are placed in a locked desk drawer and coats and luggage are placed in a designated area; places take-home medications in a locked drugs trolley. The medication chart is put on the front of the case notes to indicate when the medications are due. These are then dispensed by the nurse from the take-home drug supply; phones the ward to confirm discharge and completes the discharge lounge data book when patients leave. The ward named nurse ensures all staff are aware that the patient has left the hospital; rings the wards to see if further patients are ready for transfer as spaces become available in the discharge lounge; arranges with hospital hotel services at 11.30am each day for sufficient supplies of sandwiches, biscuits, tea, coffee, milk and sugar.