Published: 16/06/2005, Volume II5, No. 5960 Page 41

Primary care directors' salaries vary considerably. According to NHS Partners' latest survey, they earn£45,818-£85,000.

Excluding extremes and looking at the interquartile ranges, directors' earnings vary from£62,853 to£71,047, with a median of£64,998.

The interquartile range of salaries for commissioning directors is similar, although the median is slightly higher at£68,500.

Heads of primary care in PCTs earn£38,072-£51,132. The interquartile range of earnings is from£40,801 to£48,044, with a median of£45,926.

Again, median salaries for heads of commissioning are slightly higher at£47,000.

Primary care managers earn£24,165-£55,000. The interquartile range of earnings is from£31,224 to£39,794, with a median of£35,838.

The median salary for commissioning managers is again slightly higher at£36,876.

A summary of the data is shown below.

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