Free personal and nursing care in Scotland needs better funding and planning, says a new report.

An independent review of the flagship policy, chaired by Lord Sutherland, who led the original Royal Commission into long-term care, also calls for greater transparency and consistency.

The review was set up by the SNP government amid claims that free personal care, introduced five years ago, has been underfunded and applied inconsistently.

The review declared the policy "sound" but said action was needed to plug a£40m funding gap. It also said£30m in attendance allowance payments, withdrawn from those in care homes when free care began, should be reinstated by the UK government.

The report also recommends a minimum set of national standards.

Lord Sutherland said: "The adequate provision of free personal and nursing care is how we want to live. We must build this into the mainstream of our planning."

A spokesman for Help the Aged in Scotland welcomed the recommendations, but said local authorities should be made to comply with minimum standards: "We need greater clarity on what should be provided so that everyone... is entitled to the same."