Mental health services in Renfrewshire have been severely criticised in a report by the Scottish Health Advisory Service.

It described parts of the 150-bed Dykebar Hospital in Paisley as 'dreadful' and 'dilapidated' and providing a quality of life for its patients 'reminiscent of old institutional psychiatric settings'.

The review found lack of investment, a failure to develop community services, low nurse staffing levels and a physical environment 'below acceptable standard'.

The report says improvements have been made since the inspection, but argues that it will take time to change a culture of 'hopelessness and bad practice'.

A spokesperson for Renfrewshire and Inverclyde Primary Care trust said: 'We are putting in place strategies to modernise mental health services in the area.'

Mental Health Services in Renfrewshire. Scottish Health Advisory Service, Elliot House, 8/10 Hillside Crescent, Edinburgh EH7 5EA.