Your Independent Sector Guide: public-private partnerships (centre pages, 27 September) incorrectly stated that Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd 'is not bidding for any more health service private finance initiative projects'. Sir Robert McAlpine is committed, as a member of the Summit Healthcare consortium, to participating in major capital PFI healthcare projects, as included in the remaining third-wave schemes and those in the future fourth, fifth and sixth waves.

As the article rightly stated, Summit Healthcare has successfully completed the£103m construction and opening of Law Hospital in Scotland this year. In a letter to us, Lanarkshire Acute Hospitals trust said it now has 'a hospital, which is outstanding in terms of design, quality of finish and environment'.

In May, Summit Healthcare closed the Dudley Hospitals project with a construction value of£125m. This is the largest of the second-wave projects to achieve financial close to date.

Summit Healthcare is now looking forward to responding to the recent advertisements for the second half of the third-wave projects. It is also actively making enquiries about those schemes that are likely to come to the market next year when the future schemes are advertised.

C Spencer Head of PFI department Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd Hemel Hempstead