Published: 16/05/2002, Volume II2, No. 5805 Page 22

I would challenge Alan Randall's assumption that 'too few top managers are coming forward as reviewers for the Commission for Health Improvement', (Take the wheel, feature, 2 May).

My letter accepting me as a CHI reviewer is dated 9 November 2001.

I am still waiting to be sent a list of training dates, despite asking for this on a number of occasions.

I was also interested in his comment about the '100 or so standards, which are looked at in a review'.

Our trust has recently been CHI'ed and it would have been extremely helpful if we had been aware of the standards against which we were being measured.

Most other inspection/ monitoring processes, including British Standards and Controls Assurance, publish their standards to enable organisations to prepare for the inspection.

With CHI there is no such guidance, leaving the organisation unable to prepare itself to meet the requirements.

CHI is a developing organisation and still has much to learn from external agencies about qualityimprovement processes.

Wendy Barker Huntingdon