Are you considering your healthcare workforce plans? The Six Steps Methodology to Integrated Workforce Planning can help.

The second part of the resource, developed by the Skills for Health workforce projects team puts the spotlight on mapping service change, helping workforce planners identify the purpose and shape of any proposed service changes and their potential impact.

This step goes hand in hand with the third and fourth stages of the methodology. At this point, workforce planners will know exactly which changes and benefits they hope to achieve, having set a baseline from current costs and performance. This will be based on factors such as the current financial limitations of their organisation.

Benefits analysis

A major factor in step two is understanding the benefits and limitations of the new workforce plan. Also, having analysed various options for service change, the planner must establish whether the preferred model delivers the described benefits more effectively than others, or is it simply more achievable against the expected constraints?

The Skills for Health workforce project team has developed a range of tools and resources to use alongside step two, to help workforce planners design and understand exactly how their proposed service reconfiguration will work.

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