Workforce planners in the health sector have another tool to help them make the recruitment, retention and organisation of staff easier and more sustainable.

The Six Steps Methodology to Integrated Workforce Planning is now available from Skills for Health's workforce projects team. The tool helps ensure decisions about the design and recruitment of new staff and teams are robust, realistic and fully support the delivery of quality patient care and productivity and efficiency.

It takes the user through six clear steps to develop a workforce plan. Planners can use the methodology as an educational resource or refer to it as a best practice guide when they are developing future plans.

To accompany the resource, a new interactive area of the healthcare workforce portal has been developed to offer users a range of workforce planning tools, techniques and resources to support the development of a sustainable and evidence-based workforce plan.

Lisa Navin, workforce projects team programme lead for tools and techniques, said: "We are delighted to release the new Six Steps Methodology to Integrated Workforce Planning. It provides a number of significant developments to workforce planning whilst retaining the core values of its predecessor.

"The methodology is supported by a full interactive area on the healthcare workforce portal, which provides even more support to workforce planners."

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