Prolific and priority offender schemes recognise that 80 per cent of crime is committed by 20 per cent per cent of offenders. One of the key pathways is improving offenders' mental and physical health.

The Telford and Wrekin scheme is delivering a healthy living and sports-based qualification programme. The Telford sports project is run by West Mercia Probation in conjunction with Telford and Wrekin borough council’s sports development unit and a private provider. It is funded by the regional reducing reoffending action plan mental and physical health pathway.

Since the initial programme finished, two offenders have participated in a local crime reduction conference to discuss their experience of the programme and its benefits.

One offender has gone on to gain a mountain bike leadership qualification and is hoping to complete a navigation qualification.

Among the three participants who completed the programme, there is no evidence to suggest any further offending, breach action or non-compliance.

In addition to the health and mental well-being benefits to the offender, this suggests financial rewards for the taxpayer. The programme cost approximately£4,000. One of the offenders had a known acquisitive crime pattern of£20,000 per year with an estimate of the real crime pattern at around£200,000. In the six months following the end of the programme he could conservatively have been expected to acquire between£10,000 and£100,000 through criminal activity following his previous lifestyle. To the best of everyone's knowledge, he has acquired none.