A report gives detailed information on 25,000 people in England and Wales with lung cancer

The care of patients with lung cancer is the focus of the first report from a new national data collection, recently published by the Information Centre for health and social care and the Royal College of Physicians, on behalf of the Healthcare Commission.

This audit has collected information on the treatment of over 23,000 people in England and just under 1,600 in Wales. The information will allow clinicians and trusts to compare both performance and outcomes with the best practice of their peers in the rest of the country, and to assess themselves against national guidelines.

Over several annual cycles, the audit will build an accurate picture of the incidence of lung cancer, together with the treatment and survival of these patients. These cumulative results will help clinicians identify the reasons for the wide variety of outcomes. There is currently estimated to be a four-fold difference in treatment rates across England. Improving outcomes in the worst-performing area to match those of the best could potentially double the overall five-year survival rates.

To access the report, click here.