Could I correct a misunderstanding included in your report on Chris Spry's departure from Greater Glasgow health board ('Senior chief quits to escape NHS pressures', news, pages 4-5, 26 April)?

It is true, as you state, that Chris Spry will become a director of the OD Partnerships Network. But this is not and never has been a 'consultancy firm'. It is a co-operatively managed, subscription-funded learning network consisting of approximately 50 NHS organisations. The purpose of the network is to promote co-learning and mutual support among members so that they are better able to deliver needed change.

Chris will therefore continue to be very much involved with the NHS rather than moving on to an 'external' consultancy role.

Gordon Best Network core staff OD Partnerships Network I welcomed your supportive news coverage and comment about Chris Spry's resignation.

However, neither did justice to Chris's record.

Chris is one of the most effective and able NHS managers. His record as district administrator in Nottingham, district general manager in Newcastle and regional general manager in South West Thames places him in the front rank. Chris earned the respect of all his colleagues including