Published: 30/05/2002, Volume II2, No. 5807 Page 22 23

In 'Continuity is the key to bridging leadership gap, says CHI chief ' (news, 9 May), you quote Dr Peter Homa as referring to CHI's successor as 'new-CHAI'.

Those of your readers familiar with statistical techniques will surely rather opt for the more succinct X 2(CHI-square) soubriquet, the technique for assessing how well the distribution of observed data fits the assumed theoretical distribution - 'the goodness of fit'.

This would be much more in keeping with the current trend in the commercial sector - for which CHAI will have some responsibility.

There, for example, BT's mobile phone business is now known as O 2, in keeping with its search for the oxygen of publicity.

Andrew Young Chief executive Durham and Chester-le-Street primary care trust