Published: 12/08/2004, Volume II4, No. 5918 Page 19

Some of us with roots in the developing world have been doing our bit to redress in a small way the 'planet poaching' so eloquently described in Daloni Carlisle's article (The Big Story, pages 8-9, 15 July).

We take up substantial overseas assignments in which counterpart training of local staff is a key component, or when in the UK, by encouraging NHS institutions to donate usable but surplus medical equipment to developing countries.

Currently, there is a need for orthopaedic beds and orthopaedic surgical equipment, a placement in the UK for a nurse to gain post-operative neuro-surgical experience, a volunteer with Siemens bio-medical experience and a hospital human resources expert - travel, accommodation, food and the Caribbean sunshine provided!

Peter Ramrayka Chair Guyana Healthcare co-ordinating group GUYHEALTH (UK) pramrayka@compuserve. com