Published: 17/03/2005, Volume II5, No. 5947 Page 2

Instant second opinion

The University Hospital of Wales has installed a telepathology system that will allow histopathologists access to immediate second opinions from anywhere in the world.

Samples can now be analysed in minutes, with the patient still in theatre should further surgery be needed.

For more information e-mail discover@nikon. co. uk

Accent on call handling

The Royal Marsden Foundation trust has installed the Telephonetics ContactPortal system to improve its call handling and cut costs. The operator software allows callers to say the name of the person, department or ward they wish to speak to - importantly for an international centre it can cope with a wide variety of accents. By synchronising with the trust's contact database, it is kept up to date without the need for administrator intervention.

www. telephonetics. co. uk

Care by video link

Video conferencing systems now link Sheffield Children's trust to the homes of young people with neurological conditions. Consultants can talk to patients and families in their homes offering practical care and peace of mind.

For more information e-mail polycomhealth@polycom. com

Intranet counselling

The Adult Cystic Fibrosis Centre at Birmingham Heartlands and Solihull trust has deployed a video communication system over its intranet. Patient advocate Tom McCloughlin uses the system to co-ordinate outpatient care, advise on therapies and offer counselling.

Cross-infection risks to a vulnerable group are also eliminated.

For details contact Network 5 on 0117-905 5149.

Primary care on computer

A GP practice in North Kirklees has become the first in the country to implement a primary care computer system as an official part of the national programme for IT. Patient records can be held electronically in a secure system accessible only to those with a smart card and PIN.

Contact the national IT programme on 0113-280 5816.

Trust-wide record system

Gloucestershire Hospitals Foundation trust now has a trust-wide training and competencies records system that informs managers and staff when courses are due for renewal. It could also go on to be used in planning rosters.

E-mail uk

Real life for telemedicine

A pregnant woman from the Isle of Man was able to get an expert evaluation of her ultrasound scan at Liverpool Women's Hospital without having to make the journey to the mainland. Telemedicine technology allowed clinicians to see real-time pictures and maintain simultaneous contact with the patient.

For details contact MSS Ltd on 0151-702 4195.