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1. Develop better systems for identifying the number and demographic characteristics of refugees.

2. The Department of Health should promote research into the health needs of refugees.

3. The DoH and Communicable Disease Surveillance Centre should review new entrant screening.

4. HAs, primary care groups and trusts should examine and monitor how primary care services support refugees.

5. HAs should disseminate clear guidelines on refugees' rights to NHS care.

6. HAs and PCGs should ensure adequate access to translation, interpreting and advocacy services.

7. Refugees should get information about the NHS from the statutory services with which they have contact.

8. The DoH and Home Office should improve access to health service information.

9. HAs and PCGs should engage refugee communities in planning their own services.

10. The DoH and HAs should consider how co-ordinated action between districts could improve facilities, information and resources.