The assembly will:

Take over the role of the secretary of state for Wales.

Distribute funds to the NHS.

Appoint non-executive directors for trusts and HAs.

Dictate the detail of health policy through secondary legislation.

Be able to abolish or reform health authorities and trusts.

Be able to require public employees to attend sessions and give evidence on oath.

A one-stop advice and referral service at the Refugee Council's day centre for asylum seekers, based in London, is among the projects supported by the King's Fund.

A full-time health worker helps to identify asylum seekers' health needs, provides advocacy and support in accessing health services and runs workshops on health care.

The Tamil Relief Centre in Edmonton was founded in 1992 to support newly arrived refugees. It runs a range of projects, including education and support classes for children, an advice and information service and a senior citizens' project. Since November 1996, the centre has employed a women and children's health worker to improve the take-up of mainstream health services. It will work with the community to increase understanding of statutory mental health services and develop a local health strategy for the Tamil community with local statutory bodies.

The Traumatic Stress Clinic, part of Camden and Islington Community Health Services trust, specialises in therapeutic interventions for people with traumatic stress reactions, many of whom are refugees. A King's Fund grant is used to employ two bicultural therapists, who work with Bosnian refugees, mainly Muslims.

Clients, who can be referred by their GP or self-refer, are usually seen once a fortnight for an average of 25 sessions, says therapist Dragana Sarcie-Sanders. Therapists also offer help with referrals to legal, housing and other welfare organisations. 'Unless all these things are sorted out, their distress will continue,' says Ms Sarcie-Sanders.