The morning after, and the night after that Reports of high prices, transport problems and venue closures have led many people to plan a quiet millennium evening - and save their pennies for a night out on 1 January.


NHS Supplies cannot guarantee deliveries over the period. Debra Day, energy buyer for its facilities management and utility portfolio, said staff illness and poor weather 'could always throw a spanner' in the best-made plans.

Blockages in the system

Social services were reported as being 'very slow in coming forward' to take transfer patients. Meanwhile, Chris Rushton, director of ambulance services at Two Shires Ambulance trust, warned that hospitals refusing to take patients would be met with a 'bullish' response.

Fire services and police

Fire services are expecting a drop in activity over the 24 hours. ACPO has warned ambulance services not to rely on assistance from the police, who expect to be at full capacity.


Met Office long-term forecasts are available free to all public services. Current forecasts suggest the period will be 'wet but warm'. Forecasts - updated weekly from 25 November - are available by e-mailing your fax number to