It is disappointing that Peyman Javidan continues to pursue his criticism of the Institute of Health Services Management's director (Letters, 5 November).

The director occupies a high profile and demanding post, and has to deal effectively with members and a wide range of external interests, including government, the media and health-related academic bodies.

The director's performance review covered June 1996 to December 1997, during which achievements included:

The first edition of Health Management, and the IHSM website launched and expanded.

Continuing professional development pilots.

IHSM code of professional conduct launched.

A support service to members in difficulty, leading to a more comprehensive IHSM employment service in 1998.

Re-establishment of policy development.

Continued alliances with external organisations.

Extensive developmental programme of national and local conferences and seminars.

All these are improvements that members have requested.

Karen Caines has helped to refocus the institute's strategy, and has implemented a major streamlining of the headquarters function. This has been a particularly challenging time of transition. In this context the institute's record is outstanding.

The remuneration committee recognised that the institute is fortunate in having such an outstanding director.

We hope Mr Javidan will support the director, her excellent staff and the IHSM executive in our continuing efforts to ensure a successful, financially secure, responsive and forward-looking institute.

Peter Homa


John Brunt