Published: 18/08/2005, Volume II5, No. 5969 Page 29

Sue Broome is head of communications for Bedfordshire and Luton Mental Health and Social Care Partnership trust. She makes an annual pilgrimage to an equestrian event in Andalucia and would love to relocate to Spain.

'I grew up riding horses and my goal in life is to move to southern Spain and take part in the annual pilgrimage to Andalucia, known locally as the Romeria del Rocia.

'Horsemen from all over Europe travel for miles to take part and women dressed in colourful flamenco dresses ride side-on while being followed by Land Rovers full of supplies such as hay and sangria.

'The event culminates with a celebration where men don widebrimmed sombrero hats and dance with the women in the colourful dresses. My husband and I have been looking for a home in Andalucia for the past year and 69 houses and 12 estate agents later, We have finally found the perfect place - a white town-house in the hills.

'We are planning to rent it out then move there in 10 years' time when my daughter is 18. She will be given a silver door key on her birthday and we will set off into the sunset. I fell in love with the region because Anadalucian horses are a beautiful breed.

'Hopefully I'll ride every day when I live there. I used to dream of working in the industry, but It is notoriously badly paid - even more so than the NHS - and I only married my husband for the surname because he is related to showjumping star David Broome.