Published: 24/10/2002, Volume II2, No. 5828 Page 22 23

Name: Ed Mayo

Job: Executive director, New Economics

Foundation - a key player in the push towards 'new localism' in public services, and adviser to the government on foundation hospitals.

Style: 'Unashamedly values-based'.A self-styled 'radical voice'.Colleagues praise his ability to balance 'extraordinary inspiration and strong vision'with 'the practical aspects of how to get there'.Has the knack of convincing politicians that the 'most radical option is the most conservative or the only solution'. Family man who cites bringing up his three children as his relaxation ('I would be lying if I said I did paragliding') and opted for a four-day week when his first child was born.

Background: Cambridge philosophy graduate.Management consultant with Andersen Consulting before moving to the World Development Movement as head of campaigns. Left because 'I didn't want to be working on my third famine, providing aid without tackling the root causes of famine'. In his 10 years heading NEF, it has grown from two staff to 45.

A 'practising social entrepreneur', he helped set up a co-operative bank in London and chaired the Jubilee 2000 Coalition and Charitable Trust, 'overseeing the world's largest anti-poverty campaign'.

Future prospects: Working towards a 'mutual health service' that goes beyond foundation hospitals whereby people take responsibility for their own health.Plus a 'shift away from the primacy of acute care in hospital' to a more 'diverse constellation' involving areas such as public health. Expect to hear more about 'time-banks'- a new twist on volunteerism in which people's time is 'recognised' and 'compensated.