Our weekly guide to healthcare's most influential people

Published: 17/04/2003, Volume II3, No. 5851 Page 18 19

Name: Jim Gee

Job: Chief executive, Counter-Fraud and Security Management Service

Style: NHS's snooper extraordinaire -£11.6m of fraud detected and stopped in 2002 alone.But forget all that tacky Raymond Chandler stuff, with men in trilby hats lurking on street corners.CFSMS is the successor of the NHS Counter-Fraud Service, which Mr Gee also headed.The new organisation has added clout after being granted special health authority status.Mr Gee places great emphasis on its full integration into the NHS and all its employees now being NHS staff rather than civil servants.Any comparison with social security snoopers gets short shrift.CFSMS has added security to its remit, which includes prevention of violence against staff and patients, especially in accident and emergency, treatment of hazardous materials and safety of patient records.

Background: London School of Economics graduate.Earned his anti-fraud spurs at south London's Lambeth council 1996-98 at a time when tabloids dubbed it 'the most corrupt borough in the country'.'Unfortunately', says Mr Gee, some 100 people had to be dismissed.Similar roles in north London's Islington and Haringey.Adviser to Frank Field when he was social security minister.

Future prospects: Wants to match his success on fraud with improved security for NHS employees.

Little danger that sleep deprivation (his first child was born 11 weeks ago) will blunt his determination to make the new organisation succeed.Military history, chess and Burgandy wine provide the only distractions, along with a misguided 25-year stint as a Manchester United supporter.