Our weekly guide to healthcare's most influential people

Published: 19/09/2002, Volume II2, No. 5823 Page 9

Name: Professor Sir George Alberti

Job: National clinical director for emergency access

Style: The latest czar 'is everywhere'. Just finished his term as Royal College of Physicians president but for a man who can 'transcend institutional power', the only way was up.Described as a 'trusted ministerial advisor and fixer', he's a Newcastle University professor and another member of the North East mafia (think: Milburn, Blair, Liam Donaldson).Fits his own description of the royal colleges - 'not particularly powerful but they do have quite a lot of influence'.Can wield a sharp tongue, dubbing Lord Hunt an oxymoron - a junior health minister 'who has some background in the subject... It is very dangerous but it could prove useful'.Has suggested merging the medics into fewer 'super-colleges'.A key participant in the 'How big is big enough for a hospital?'debate.

Background: Kurt George Matthew Mayer Alberti has almost as many forenames as qualifications after his name - his transatlantic academic career has seen hundreds of publications.Member of the World Health Organisation expert advisory panel on chronic diseases, vice-chair of Diabetes UK and president of the International Diabetes Federation.Took over at the RCP in 1997.

Knighted for services to diabetic medicine in 2000.Member of the modernisation board and workforce board.

Future prospects: Giving people what he calls 'think time', away from the 'frenetic'background of emergency care.Having a blue light fitted on top of his head.