Name: Peter Homa Job: Director, Commission for Health Improvement Style: Gentle academic type, more like your hospital chaplain than snarling, biting Chris Woodhead, the abrasive former Ofsted chief, with whom he is most frequently compared and contrasted. Joined only by HSJ editor Peter Davies in maintaining a Dobbo-era beard, while the likes of NHS Confederation chief exec Stephen Thornton et al go under the razor.

Background: Worked for six months as a hospital porter, before joining the national administrative training scheme. Rose through the NHS to become chief executive of Leicester Royal Infirmary, from which he was seconded to be the government's waiting-list buster in 1998 - when he was also Institute of Health Services Management president - before settling in as head of CHI.

Profile: Increasingly in the spotlight as the CHI review programme takes off - and as investigation reports are published. But makes strenuous efforts within the NHS to present CHI as more of a supportive, developmental zebra-crossing than a nasty punitive red traffic-light. Chris Woodhead's departure from Ofsted may yet turn him into the public's best-known watchdog.

Future prospects: As a man who professes 'no political allegiance', he should see out the approaching general election safely enough. But he may be spotted more frequently on his reflective strolls around the City of London's Bunhill Fields cemetery - the resting place of such rebellious off-message luminaries as William Blake, Daniel Defoe and John Bunyan.