Name David Hinchliffe MP Job Chair, Commons health select committee Style Old Labour with added influence. Wakefield MP with mining ancestors going back to 1750s. Not afraid to put matters bluntly, 'as a Yorkshireman. . . 'Not afraid of much else either, as tobacco barons called before the select committee found. Scathing report on the industry followed.

Private healthcare providers are no more popular: 'I hate the bastards, 'he notoriously told HSJ, a phrase Tory MPs remind him of regularly. Dedicated to rugby league, with 500 shares in Wakefield Trinity club, he's the author of Rugby Class War.

But the backbencher knows how to manoeuvre in the corridors of power, as last week's deftly organised amendment to the Health and Social Care Bill showed.

Background Social worker turned politician. Became a Wakefield councillor in 1971, and an MP in 1987. Labour's community care spokesperson 1992-95, resigning amid speculation he wasn't at one with the party's modernising project. One commentator says: 'He was wounded - it was a job he loved. 'The MP claimed he needed more time for his constituency. Once gave a group of social services directors an insight into his own grassroots social work career, explaining: 'It was when you saw the skidmarks on the sheets. . . 'But his commitment to social care and the benefits of local government accountability remain undimmed.

Future prospects Looking good. Following his coup over patients'councils last week, Mr Hinchliffe has a new twinkle in his eye. There is plenty more where that came from. And the rugby injuries national service framework must be due out soon.