Our weekly guide to healthcare's most influential people

Name: Henry McLeish MSP Job: Scotland's first minister Style: Pensioners'pal. . . probably. May yet be the man who brings free personal care as well as nursing care to elderly people in Scotland, as recommended by Sir Stewart Sutherland. And as not recommended by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. But the man caught between the rock of Labour loyalty to his Westminster colleagues and the hard place of Scottish public opinion and coalition with the Lib Dems is also a George 'Dubya'Bush-alike. Rumours suggest that his bizarre utterances - dubbed McLeishes by the Glasgow Herald - have to be rewritten so Hansard makes sense.

Background: Miner's son, who left school at 15 to sign as a football pro for Don Revie's Leeds United, and then second division East Fife. Leader of Fife city council, then MP for central Fife from 1987, he was Labour's deputy health spokesman in 1995. 'King Henry'was widely seen as the Downing Street candidate for Scotland's top job following Donald Dewar's death. But in a break from Westminster, 'forced by public opinion', he said he would look again at Sutherland's recommendations.

Profile: Rising as the personal care tug-of-war continues.

His moves from a 'radical and distinctive'approach, through embracing Sutherland 'in full', to 'no backsliding', and back to a Scottish Executive pledge to 'act upon'a working group's advice, are eagerly followed on both sides of the border.

Future prospects: Hmmm. The free care issue is a key point of tension for the Lib-Lab coalition. 'He's marched us up to the top of the hill. People would take it remiss if he marched us down again, 'says Sir Stewart, ominously.