OPINION: Our weekly guide to healthcare's most influential people No 26

Name: Dr Evan Harris Job: Liberal Democrat health spokesman Style: Comeback kid. He has done the job before, and as a medic he is well up on health. A man on the move, who doesn't even stop for a shave - he has been spotted striding through the press of delegates at party conference, electric shaver to chin. Known for his stand against discrimination, he has spoken up most notably for asylum seekers and gay rights, though - notorious for his poor fashion sense - has said: 'I should confess that I am not gay, as you can probably tell from the way I dress. 'A British Medical Association stalwart, as a former council member still on its medical ethics committee.

Background: Qualified as a doctor in 1991, but has described his time as a junior doc as 'the most stressful and traumatic of my life'and said it led to the collapse of his marriage. Has worked in Liverpool and Oxford hospitals and was an honorary registrar with Oxford and Anglia regional health authority in 1994, then medical officer to the taskforce on junior doctors'hours before his election to Parliament in 1997. His amendment to private finance initiative legislation, excluding clinical services, attracted health secretary Alan Milburn's ire. Between stints as health spokesman, he has also been the voice of the Lib Dems on higher education and, er, women, in an appointment that attracted some flak.

Future prospects: Expect to hear a lot more from him as the Lib Dems stake their claim to be the party of public services and the real opposition to Labour. And the former junior bridge and chess champ must know a thing or two about strategy.