Our weekly guide to healthcare's most influential people

Name: Jonathan Asbridge Job: President, shadow Nursing and Midwifery Council Style: Busy - he's also chief nurse and acting chief executive of Barts and the London trust.Still does nursing shifts - he's 'very proud'of continuing clinical practice - and goes to the gym three times a week 'to lose this pot I am growing', he says.'I am one of those people who 'finds' myself in places, 'says the man who will lead the new regulatory body for nurses, midwives - and health visitors, who are irate at being left out of the title.But Lord Hunt, no less, praises him as 'a successful manager, professional leader and clinician', and at Bart's he has 'changed most of the directors'and 're-engaged the doctors'.A refreshing start with the NMC saw him urge nurses to 'comment actively'on the government's draft order to set up the body, which he branded 'a stalkers' charter'.He also warned against 'pages and pages of detail that could end up tying the hands of the NMC'.

Background: After nursing jobs - 'critical care is where my heart is'- in his native Wales, his 'big break'came as a general manager at Addenbrooke's, where he rose to director of clinical care services.Stepped up to nursing director back in Cardiff, and then at the Oxford Radcliffe under Nigel Crisp.They both 'left for London at the same time, coincidentally', he says.Had 'a real struggle to decide' between the NMC and going for the Bart's chief executive job on a permanent basis.

Future prospects: His 'biggest focus'is on getting the NMC ready to roll in April, but he enjoyed being a chief exec too much to stay away for ever, and also likes 'the national picture'.Expect bigger things after a two-year NMC stint.