Our weekly guide to healthcare's most influential people

Name: Mark Britnell

Job: Chief executive, University Hospitals Birmingham trust

Style: High-flying bright young thing - who will point out that he was 'the youngest' teaching hospital trust chief exec, appointed at 34.Described as 'competent, politically astute'and 'confident'- possibly a tad too loudly - he is so modern he project-managed the pioneering treatment and diagnostic centre at Central Middlesex trust.The brain behind the NHS Confederation's '£4bn club'of trusts involved in major capital schemes, he sits on the NHS capital and capacity taskforce.'He's so on-message It is untrue, 'says an observer.Cool under fire, his was the trust where Sharron Storer confronted Tony Blair only days before the election.Our man won praise for his response and turning a report on the incident round in under six hours.'It was exhilarating, 'he says.Local MP and former junior health minister Gisela Stuart says he is 'brilliant, absolutely brilliant.'He relaxes by trekking down the Amazon - honest.

Background: An NHS manage-ment scheme trainee, he did a five-month stint in Australia (his love of scuba diving dates from Oz) and then joined a 'fast-stream'scheme working with Sir Andrew Foster at the DoH.Nigel Crisp is his mentor.Became a general manager at St Mary's, London, then an executive director at Central Middlesex.

Operations director in Birmingham, then acting chief exec, finally getting the top job after 70-odd staff were invited to grade the candidates'presentations.

Future prospects: He is tipped for an SHA, but says he wants to stay at the trust for a few years - perhaps in search of that elusive third star.Must be franchise material, before he's snapped up for a national role.