First the press tells us that repeal of Section 28 is 'progressing through Westminster almost unnoticed'.

Then it finds there's a 'backlash sweeping down from Scotland across middle England'. This is not surprising.

Section 28 was never about the law - the lack of prosecutions shows this. It was about promoting a climate of inequality, oppression and homophobia.

It was a reaction against those who were supporting campaigns for equality in local government in the early 1980s - such as Ken Livingstone and John McDonnell in London, and Graham Stringer and Val Stevens in Manchester.

All governing bodies in the UK should be tackling the arguments by dispelling the myths, openly and outspokenly. For Section 28 denies young people their self-esteem and encourages bullying - while deterring teachers, school governors and local authorities from doing anything about it. Local government needs, once again, the powers and resources to create a better environment for its citizens.

Section 28 banned 'promotion' of homosexuality.

What we need is indeed promotion - of equality for all and of sexuality for all.

John Nicholson George House Trust Manchester