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Manchester city council's housing medical team makes almost 6,000 visits a year and liaises with other agencies to offer advice and services to older people across the city.

The team, made up of two medical officers and 4.5 medical visitors (all nurses) carry out home safety checks, advise on medication and help fill in benefit forms.

They also help set up care packages following hospital discharge, arrange access to discretionary funds, sort out adaptations with the grants department and arrange rehousing for carers or relatives.

'Basically, we act as a one-stop shop for resolving housing and health issues,' says senior medical officer Pauline Nugent.

The team's services are free - some to all residents, others only for council tenants.

Promoting Well-Being notes progress in developing a preventive agenda, including:

broad cross-agency commitment to goals;

engaging older people in setting priorities;

strong senior officer/member leadership;

incorporation of priorities into corporate objectives;

dedicated budgets and/or dedicated staff;

explicit public objectives;

accountability to older people.