Coaching – the international journal of theory, research and practice published in collaboration with the Association for Coaching, carries an article by Timothy Sharp, from the Happiness Institute.  Yes, there is such a place and it’s in Sydney, Australia.


His article talks about “the primacy of positivity” and the motivation and energy that coaches can create to help coachees achieve their goals.


But it got me thinking. I remembered that years ago, I thought that when I qualified as a social worker, everything would fall into place and my life would be complete.  Of course that’s not how it panned out.  There is always the next goal, the next challenge, the next achievement. 


There’s a danger that in looking over the horizon with our ambition to continue to progress, we fail to see what we already have, and should celebrate and enjoy.


It’s not easy for many working in the NHS with uncertainty and insecurity about the future  - particularly now while we Pause, Listen and Reflect.  It’s human nature to want to have a clear picture of the future and to feel settled and sure about where we will all fit in the new landscape. 


Susan Jeffers of “Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway” fame, writes in her book, “Embracing Uncertainty” about the “Savouring Exercise”: she suggests that we can forget how to enjoy – and that one of the high costs of success is that we stop noticing what we have in the here and now.


It’s not new thinking: Epictetus (Greek philosopher AD55 – AD135) said “he is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has” 


This week saw Action for Happiness launched – a campaign to boost the world’s wellbeing.  The Guardian’s take was that it transcends pink and fluffy, with support from LSE economist Richard Layard, and Geoff Mulgan, the former director of the government’s strategy unit.


~So I’ve added to my reading list this week Liggy Webb’s book, Thank You – Your guide to appreciating life which is due out in July.  It explores the concept of gratitude and how we can appreciate and enjoy our lives more. 


I’ll let you know if it is pink and fluffy.