Published: 02/09/2004, Volume II4, No. 5921 Page 21

I was disappointed to read your sensationalised article on Agenda for Change and the negotiated breakthrough on unsocial hours (page 7, 19 August).

It is unfortunate that you saw fit to quote a Unison representative who is neither a health worker, nor an elected representative of health workers.

The whole point of Unison holding a ballot on the Agenda for Change proposals is to enable individual members to have an informed say about whether the proposed new pay system is acceptable to them.

The London Regional Health Committee will meet to discuss the new proposals on 26 August and will make a recommendation to our service group executive on whether to accept or reject.

In addition, Unison will provide UK-wide briefings to our democratic structures, including occupational/professional sector committees, activists and individual members.We are also holding a special national health conference on 7 October to debate the recommendation Unison will make to its health membership.

Chris Remington Head of health and higher education Unison (Greater London Region)