Published: 11/08/2005, Volume II5, No. 5967 Page 31

Eleanor Watson is GP recruitment and retention manger at City and Hackney primary care trust. She has been designing ceramics for nearly six years and dreams of opening a workshop in France.

'I have always been very creative, but I only realised my potential as a ceramic designer when I enrolled on an adult education class in Hackney. My classmates loved the pieces I made and encouraged me to contact local galleries so that I could exhibit my collection.

'It was fantastic achievement when a gallery in Islington agreed to exhibit my wall hangings, but I work hard to make them visually striking so I am glad I am getting some recognition. I enjoy putting my personal stamp on my designs and I am inspired by nature and the idea of people's worlds colliding, so my pieces feature lots of intersecting circles and ripples like you would see if you drop a stone in a pond.

'I managed to secure a four-day-aweek contract at City and Hackney PCT so I can work on my ceramics at least one day a week from a local studio, and I am currently looking for a ground-floor flat with a garden so I can build a workshop in the garden and work whenever I like.

'Opening the kiln to get your finished work is like opening a treasure chest and it is an exciting and sensual hobby.'

To see Eleanor's work visit www. eleanorwatson. co. uk