The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, along with other NHS trade unions, has been waiting patiently to hear the government's views on what shape a future NHS pay system should take. At last, it seems something may be on the way (news, 21 January).

We take the view that the NHS pay system must be modernised. There must be a single system of pay determination in the NHS to cover all staff. This will allow issues of fairness, equality and equal value to be properly addressed. A new pay system must also recognise the diversity of staff and the complex nature of the NHS workforce.

A single system could quite simply be introduced by extending the pay review bodies to all staff. Review bodies have the support and confidence of staff, and are time and cost-effective.

Introducing a new pay and grading system for nearly a million employees in such a complex organisation as the NHS will take substantial time and effort. Many important issues, such as grading, have been neglected for far too long with disastrous consequences.

Richard Griffin Co-director of industrial relations Chartered Society of Physiotherapy London WC1