In South Thames - and this is true of several other regions - every NHS library service has an Internet connection for the use of library staff, and most have user access from one or more workstations. All inter- library transactions use e-mail, and since July we no longer use mail- outs for distribution of information. Urgent announcements go by e-mail, while training programmes, agendas and general information appear on our regional website.

All our information and library staff receive basic and advanced Internet training, while all medical and other staff are offered free attendance at multi-professional workshops on finding and appraising evidence, financed by South East region research and development directorate.

If John Kirriemuir chooses to ask people to send in bad news (which he did), bad news is what he will receive. But there is plenty of good news, too. A year from now you will not find an NHS library without Internet access for staff and users.

Michael Carmel


South Thames Library and Information Service

Royal Surrey County Hospital